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Prof Habib Noorbhai (former Mr South Africa 2017) is an Associate Professor and Director of the Biomedical Engineering and Healthcare Technology (BEAHT) Research Centre at the University of Johannesburg. He also contributes his time as a speaker, facilitator, humanitarian and health and sports scientist.

In 2013, he was among South Africa’s 100 brightest young minds and in 2015, he was nominated among Mail and Guardians top 200 young South Africans. He was also included in Fast Company South Africa’s Top 30 creative people in business for 2017. He was later inducted as a UCT Golden Key Honorary Member for 2018. More notably, he won the coveted title of Mr South Africa 2017 using the title to spearhead change within health, sport and education.

Research and Writing

Prof Noorbhai has been working in academia for the last 8 years and has taught, published, supervised, and convened in various areas of sports science, public health and wellness. His research focus areas are mainly in cricket science, health promotion and healthcare innovation. Prof Noorbhai is an Associate Editor of the BMJ Sport and Exercise Medicine, and serves as a reviewer for both local and international sports journals. Prof Noorbhai has published more than 30 papers in numerous academic journals (and also writes OP-ED pieces for the media) and has presented at local and international conferences since 2012.


Prof Noorbhai has consulted and collaborated with an array of individuals and organisations applying his expertise through a scientific and research lens. He has also have worked with a number of local and international sports teams between 2010 and 2020, more notably, with cricket teams.


Prof Noorbhai offers a range of talks and workshops to corporates and organisations within the health and wellness, leadership, motivation and productivity areas. He has also served as MC and conducted speaking sessions and facilitations for a wide range of organisations, including but not limited to: TEDx, Standard Bank, Woolworths, Smollan, PSG, CANSA, SA Sport and Recreation, and more.


Prof Noorbhai has appeared on a number of television and radio shows offering his advice and expertise on health, wellness and sports related matters. He had his own sport and health show in 2015 on OpenViewHD, showcasing various topics, as well as a Healthy Living segment on Radio702 in 2018.


Habib also founded an NPO in 2013 called The Humanitarians, a volunteer-based organisation, whereby various community projects and programmes are conducted through sport, health, education, sustainability and innovation. He is often involved in a number of outreach projects as being in the community fulfills him with happiness.

Speaking Topics:


Whether you’re working remotely, in office or in a hybrid form; the digital era has propelled how we work and interact on a daily basis. More often, our work-life-balance comes into question. This talk will allow you to adapt (effective) ways to not just optimise your time, but also channel your energy systematically and meticulously.


In every aspect of life, there is something called “stamina”, not just within sport or exercise. The aim of this inspiring, enthusiastic and motivational talk is geared towards what and how you can see through to your desired goals – effectively and meticulously.


When Prof. Habib Noorbhai won Mr. South Africa, he set a new precedent within the pageant industry. He did this by focusing on charity, education and the beauty within. Through Habib’s journey to Mr South Africa we learn that anything is possible if you are driven, proactive, authentic and live your life with heart and purpose.


Prof. Noorbhai covers the 7 elements of wealth and links it to how exercise, fitness and sporting participation is more than just an extra-curricular activity.

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