Global Adventurer, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Entertainer and Lover of Life

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He has been blind since birth…

Despite this Hein Wagner has many accomplishments to his name. He has completed the Absa Cape Epic, ran the

Antarctica Marathon, the Two Oceans and New York Marathons, completed full Ironman, competed in the World

Triathlon Series in Cape Town, finished several Cape Town Cycle Tours, tackled the white waters of the Zambezi River, climbed the ten highest mountains in the Western Cape, completed the Cape to Rio Yacht Race, holds the World Blind Land Speed Record at 322.52 km/h, and more. Hein started his career as a switchboard operator, but the rapidly growing technology sector soon inspired him to enter the IT industry. He worked for companies such as MWeb and Thawte Consulting, where he quickly worked his way up to international sales manager, managing a team of sighted individuals. As a keynote motivational speaker, he holds audiences’ attention.

His motto: “Anything you believe is not possible, is actually possible; you just have to change the way you look at things. If you do that, the things you look at will change.” With so many accomplishments under his belt, he always states: “My excuse is that I’m blind, what’s yours? By opening my mind to turn the unachievable into the achievable, I moved myself from being filled with pain to being filled with joy, from negative to positive; from unhappy to happy, from uninspired to inspired, a taker to a giver, a loser to a winner, from unsuccessful to successful, from ungrateful to grateful and from just being blind to being blinded with possibilities.”

Hein Wagner is living proof that despite the challenges that come our way, anything is possible. He does not allow his blindness to stand in the way of his dreams and people often refer to him as the blind man with exceptional vision.

“You are one of the most fearless and truly inspiring people I have had the pleasure of meeting. Your presentation at our annual staff kick-off event was received with laughter, tears and a standing ovation from an audience of more than 500 staff from around Africa. Not to mention that nearly two weeks after the event you still being talked about! Thank you Hein for sharing your truly inspirational story with us and for showing us that anything is possible.” Brett Parker – MD SAP Africa


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