I do TV. Award winning Anchor Newzroom Afrika. International MC. Moderator.

Keynote | Facilitator

Hugo Ribatika is a distinguished professional known for his remarkable achievements and versatile background. With a strong focus on achieving strategic goals and exceptional organizational skills, Hugo currently serves as a Principal Business Advisor at the Institute of Business Advisors of Southern Africa.

In addition to this role at the Institute of Business Advisors of Southern Africa, Hugo is a registered Facilitator with the prestigious Duke Corporate Education. This affiliation underscores his commitment to delivering high-quality educational experiences and reflects his dedication to professional development.

Hugo’s career spans across various domains, showcasing his multifaceted expertise. As a former founding CEO, he successfully led a franchise cricket team, earning the prestigious Best Managed Franchise Award for two consecutive years. His strategic marketing prowess and extensive experience in brand management consistently delivered outstanding results. In the realm of media, Hugo has spent over two decades as a radio and television anchor, becoming a sought-after expert in the energy, tourism, and sports sectors. He’s the anchor of Africa Today, Africa’s foremost show on topical African issues. His proficiency in media engagement and executive presence has made him a prominent figure in the field. Hugo is also an active educator and mentor. Currently pursuing and MBA with the IBR Business Institute, he not only expands his knowledge but also facilitates programs for executives, specializing in areas such as personal mastery, executive presence, and media engagement.

With a diverse skill set and a track record of remarkable accomplishments, Hugo Ribatika stands as a standout candidate in any competitive scenario, exemplifying the essence of executive presence in the digital age. In his course, “Gravitas – Building Executive Presence in the Digital Age”, he shares his wealth of experience and insights to empower individuals in their journey to enhance the executive presence.

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