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Joey Evans has completed several marathons and ultra-marathons, hiked the fish river canyon, finished the Roof of Africa enduro, raced in the Botswana desert 1000 and was the only South African biker to complete the 2017 Dakar Rally. He has been fortunate to have raced and ridden his dirt bike throughout South Africa and throughout 15 countries.
The journey from paraplegic to Dakar Rally finisher over the past 10 years has been one filled with many emotions, challenges, setbacks and victories. Joey will entertain, motivate and inspire your audience as he takes them along on the journey to an impossible dream.

Joey shares a message of determination in the face of insurmountable odds. A true to life struggle of chasing a dream while not only overcoming physical disabilities but also living in the real world with its daily pressures and challenges. His presentation will leave you with a new perspective on your own challenges and the renewed drive to chase your own goals and dreams.

A great story of endurance and perseverance that universally translates to all areas of life. Truly inspirational to all who attended the talk and a great motivational mind set to take us into 2018, with the theme “We did not get this far to only get this far!” Stephen Richard Tennant, Managing Director, Tennant Life Benefits

Joey’s talk was absolutely phenomenal, I felt as though I was part of his joureny I laughed, cried and celebrated in the one hour he spoke. An amazing story from an amazing individual.Jamie Pujara, President, EO Kenya


  • From Para to Dakar
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