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Imagine if you could understand a client within seconds of meeting them, so you could build rapport in an instant.
Imagine gaining new insight into members of your team and knowing the words and imagery that will get the best out of them.

Imagine having another view of your own innate leadership resources so you could make the best use of your strengths.
Reading People is an ancient system which is ideally suited to our fast paced business world. By observing physical characteristics we can determine the type of person we are engaging with in an instant. This knowledge enriches communication and supports positive outcomes in negotiations, team dynamics and client relationships. Humanity is composed of six basic types and each type is suited to flourish in a specific environment. A simple analogy would be make and model of car – a Land Rover functions far better in a muddy field than a Porsche does, for example. One’s type is reflected in the physical characteristics of the body which gives this system part of its power: we only need to observe certain physical clues to gain deep, practical insight into the psychological make-up of an individual and one’s self.

Experienced practitioners can read a person at a deep level from across a room in seconds – without a psychometric test. Applying the knowledge to one’s self requires a lifetime.

John Cremer is an expert in improvisation skills training. Improvisation unlocks creativity. When organisations need to do more with less, when teams and leaders want extraordinary results, when innovation is a necessity and not a luxury then focused training in improvisation makes a big difference – fast. This challenging work liberates and synthesises dormant talent using bespoke techniques and experiential exercises.


  • Will improve the interaction and impact of the different character types and provide an amazing insight into the different styles of communication that exist in human beings


  • The Reading People Mastery Series

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