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Business Problems are often people problems.

Are you/your team battling….?

Emotions drive people.  People drive performance

Joni Peddie is a Behavioural strategist.  As a Global Keynote Speaker, Strategic Facilitator and Executive Coach, she has energised and ‘sparked behaviour changes’ for over 33 years.

Joni Peddie is the CEO of Resilient People BOUNCE FORWARD™

As a Behavioural Strategist, she helps people to ignite their mental, emotional and physical energy.  She deals with adversity, change and challenges in life.

We never ‘bounce back’ after these.  In fact, we want to BOUNCE FORWARD with personal learnings, so we can be mentally agile, feel emotionally balanced and far more energised.

Joni’s areas of expertise are executive coaching, professional keynote speaker and Behavioural Strategist: maximising Team Performance

Our Keynote Talks provide actionable insights for participants to ‘shift’ their behaviours. Our reputation for being ‘upbeat’, and yet extremely practical is well established. Over the last 28 years we have built strong partnerships with our Clients. We tailor Keynote Talks to the ‘current’ need/s in the business, and / or the theme of the Conference

Joni’s 6 most popular Keynotes Talks are designed to be enjoyable, interactive AND especially, to ignite ‘behaviour change’…

  • REBOOT: 6 ways to effortlessly (re) energise on a daily basis.
  • Sleep is your Superpower: Boost your performance by getting more restorative, and regenerative quality SLEEP.
  • Play to your strengths: BE YOUR BEST self – using the Enneagram Personality System, and interrelate more effectively with others.
  • 10 ways to Work SMARTER, not HARDER! Boostself-mastery.
  • How to behaviourally navigate the AI Revolution? Improve critical thinking for better insights, and optimal decision-making.
  • Relationships Matters: Use EQ (Emotional Intelligence) competencies to build TRUST, and more effective collaboration in Teams. These Topics can also be half or full day facilitated Workshops.

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