Co-founder of the Enneagram Institute of South Africa and Behavioural Performance Strategist

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Joni  is passionate  about  partnering  with Leaders &  Teams  to ignite team  cohesion,  collaboration  &  performance. As  a  Behavioural  Strategist  &  Founding  Member of  the  Enneagram  Institute  of  SA,  Joni focuses  on… What makes people “tick” and how to harness the complexity of interpersonal relationships. Joni is  an  accredited  EQ  Assessor  (with  Six  Seconds,  based  in  Dubai) Joni co-authored the book: The FAB Quotient™: Experience Resilient Energy and Fight Fatigue, to enable people who are sick, tired and stressed to become more resilient in our time-poor society. 

 Most of us are struggling with energy issues. We are working longer hours, juggling many balls and stress is a constant in our lives. Many of us are suffering fatigue, a plethora of health issues and more and more of us are leaning towards burn-out. 

What’s the knock-on effect? 

  • Poor lifestyle choices… no balance & little “down-time” 
  • Being time poor & eating on the run 
  • Reduced employee engagement 
  • Employee churn & hence talent retention issues 
  • Poor health and high absenteeism 
  • MANY more people are operating way below their potential, resulting in high presenteeism 


  • Are you transacting your health for wealth?
  • The FAB Quotient™
  • Behaviour Chemistry & The FAB Quotient™
  • HEALTH & The FAB Quotient™

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