Disruptology: The Bridge between Disruption and Future Success

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As an “old millennial”, Juanita has experienced the world of work both as how it used to be, as well as where it has already shifted to. In running her own company, she draws inspiration from both those who remember the usual, and those that are creating the unusual. Five years from now we will build our foundation for success on the very innovations that currently challenge our way of being. What is holding us back is human nature. What is needed to guarantee future success is not a massive leap into the unknown, but the four simple habits explained during the Disruptology™ keynote.

Juanita can help you create a company vision that takes disruption into account, turn it into strategies for future success, and train your workforce to enthusiastically support the changes that need to be made.

“Juanita was excellent, I enjoyed the session that was full of energy, engaging and helped me to think of my role at work” 


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