Serial entrepreneur, investor, author and content creator


Justin is a serial entrepreneur, investor, author and  content creator that has bootstrapped 109 businesses and consulted to the likes of Amazon, BBC, General Motors and AIG. His 25 years in the finance industry started out of necessity at the tender age of 13 when Justin stumbled into entrepreneurship, offering haircuts to students at his boarding school. With an unshakable vision and deadly persistence at 19, Justin became the first importer of Creatine in South Africa and started the very first online store in SA before making his first million at 22.

His talent to find potential and connect complex dots, proved his success repeatedly with the world’s first Insurance Aggregation system and the first Internet Marketing method ( what we know as email marketing today.)

When investing in his very first stock 22 years ago, he earmarked a method that he uses today that focuses on buying a business rather than a stock. During this journey, he has published 8 personal finance (books), been featured on (television) and (magazines) as well as aired on (radio). Justin’s genius lies in his ability to make the complex simple.

When the futurist is not innovating and creating, he spends his time with his wife and three children, pursuing equally challenging sports and personal peaks. His value system extends from his career into his personal life where he believes the biggest global change is rooted.

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