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Kerushan Govender stands out as a seasoned entrepreneur with a portfolio of investments both in South Africa and internationally. His professional trajectory is marked by significant roles in the technology and investment banking sectors, most notably a decade of leadership at Microsoft. As the Area Head for Microsoft’s Public Sector business across the Middle East and Africa, based in Dubai, Kerushan demonstrated his capability to manage and lead expansive teams across diverse regions.

His time in the US was marked by a strategic partnership with a Forbes-listed billionaire, further solidifying his business acumen and global network. His academic background in Statistics and Economics equips him with a unique perspective, allowing him to integrate scientific methodologies with business strategies. This foundation has been instrumental in his approach to digital transformation, a field he continues to champion.

His achievements are not just theoretical. Kerushan has consistently delivered record growth rates, transforming a $10M business to over $50M in under three years and doubling a $250M segment at Microsoft across 80 countries in the same timeframe.

As the CEO of Blacfox, a marketing strategy consultancy serving global tech giants like Microsoft, SAP, and VMware, Kerushan’s expertise is evident. Blacfox is recognized for its innovative customer acquisition and retention strategies, research capabilities, and insight-driven narratives.

His board memberships include the American Marketing Association, NYC, and the University of Cape Town’s School of Marketing. His contributions to the field have been recognized in various news publications, and he has made notable appearances on platforms like NBC in the USA.

Kerushan’s commitment to organizational culture is underscored by his belief in aligning companies with their core values and objectives. He champions the idea that a high-agency culture, where employees are empowered and decisive, is pivotal for exponential growth.

His upcoming publication, “Age of Agency: Rise with AI,” is anticipated to shed light on the evolving interface of AI in business, endorsed by industry stalwart Philip Kotler.

Key Achievements

  • Transformed a $10M business to over $50M in under three years.
  • Doubled a $250M segment at Microsoft across 80 countries in three years.
  • CEO of Blacfox, serving global brands with innovative marketing strategies.

Board Memberships

  • American Marketing Association, NYC
  • University of Cape Town’s School of Marketing


  • “Very few speakers have the ability to captivate an audience and keep their attention beyond their introduction... Kerushan brings energy and enthusiasm and provides clarity of message to his audience.”

  • “Kerushan is a wonderful speaker and his content is on point! He’s very engaging and easy to listen to! I will definitely try to hire him to speak at our event – if I can get him!!”

  • “Thanks for the great friend, Kerushan Govender comes from Dubai, gave Taiwan so much help with high spirit!!! You have great enthusiasm in your profession, you are a very inspiring person and influenced many of us in your speech. We love you!!!”

  • “I have seen Kerushan Govender speak on many topics over the last 3-5 years. Each time he seems to hit the crux of the issues with absolute sharpness while creating an engaging atmosphere with all in the audience whether many or few.”

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