Author, entrepreneur, and strategist.

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She is a seasoned technology professional with 20 years’ experience having worked for Fortune 500 companies in South Africa and abroad. She has worked for companies such as Microsoft, HPE, Eli Lilly and Co., among others. She has astute business sense and is the CEO of The Zora Group. Her career juxtaposed form being a system developer to being a business strategist. She holds a B-Com Informatics degree from UNISA and an MBA from MIB School of Management in Trieste, Italy. She is the anchor host of the show “The Digital Era”, that equips entrepreneurs on the African continent on pertinent Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) topics. She was selected for the Financial Mail’s “Little Black Book” of 2016 as a young emerging leader. She Chaired Banking Transformation Africa Conference, in 2022 as well as spoke at various conferences on digital transformation, cyber security and 4IR. As an author and her inaugural offerings was titled “Cracking the Gentleman’s Code: A guide to becoming the Job 29Man”. A book inspired by changing the narrative in society to have a positive impact. She further pioneered the “Discover the Hero In You” mentorship programme at her alma mater Nkholi Primary School in Soweto.

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