a Young, dynamic naturalist, conservationist, survival expert, and animal behaviour specialist


Kurdt Greenwood is a young, dynamic naturalist, conservationist, survival expert, and animal behaviour specialist with a passion for wildlife that knows no bounds. He has been obsessed with deadly creatures since he was 4 years old, and his enthusiasm and infectious manner leaves audiences simultaneously terrified and mesmerised. His aim is to bridge the gap between man and animal with a gentle approach in a way never before attempted, and to share his knowledge and unique perspective of the wild.

Kurdt grew up on a game farm with wild animals in South Africa, learning his early skills from indigenous people in the region and from his grandfather – a game farmer. He studied at Pretoria University, completing a BSc (Hons) in Wildlife Management and Wildlife Conservation, as well as further courses including advanced animal behaviour studies, tracking and rifle handling. After his studies he managed Africa’s biggest private zoo – Hartebeespoort Dam Zoo – and many of Africa’s big five game reserves. Wanting to get more involved with animal behaviour he took on the management of Horseback Africa’s big lion and serval breeding program to try and bring back these majestic cat numbers in the wild.

With his knowledge of the bush and animal behaviour, Kurdt set up the South African School of Survival, a big success. Kurdt then went on to film his first series ‘Deadliest Snakes of South Africa’ for Discovery International and Sky Television, becoming the youngest African to get a series on a major broadcaster. He has raised and worked personally with lions, hyenas, cheetah, leopard, most snakes and lizards of the world, monkeys, apes, buffalo, elephants and most hoofed animals.

He also started working in cinematography for wildlife documentaries and filmed on a cheetah movie called ‘Sebela: Miracle Cheetah’ for National Geographic. See Kurdt’s YouTube channel for some action. Kurdt’s expertise and passions range from wildlife, conservation, and survivalism; to local history, archaeology, and modes of living in ancient indigenous cultures. Inspired to share his wealth of knowledge
gained through his first-hand experience with the natural world, Kurdt has delivered talks across the globe.

Kurdt’s philosophies and unique skill sets led him to be selected to deliver a talk to the Oman government advising on the future of conservation and it’s benefits in business, as well as designing the first of its kind Oman turtle conservation programme. Kurdt is currently working on a new series that will push human and animal communication to a whole new level, where he will live with no supplies alongside the deadliest animals on the planet in the most remote and hostile environments left on Earth to highlight no matter how dangerous and wild the creature, knowledge can transform fear into a sense of connection and wonder.

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