I’m CEO of Future Females


I love to create and grow things.

I love to connect.

I love to play.

I love to help women find their passion (and then monetise it).

I love to have conversations that leave the other person feeling empowered, and excited to take action to create the future of their wildest dreams.

I live by 5 core values:

•Fearless doing: the value of an idea lies in the using of it.
•Experimentation: be curious and hold no preconceived limitations
•Freedom: live a delightful, spontaneous and exciting life
•Learning: gain knowledge through relentless self-improvement.
•Self-responsibility: only you are accountable to your future self.
•High-performance: have a complete intolerance for mediocrity.

I’m CEO of Future Females – movement that exists to increase the number of and support the success of female entrepreneurs globally, and in the past 5.5 years has grown to 56 chapters (cities) and over 100,000 members!

We have launched a community-based learning platform, for women who know their businesses will only grow as fast as they do.

This platform contains courses from world class founders, events, discussion groups, community challenges and a community fund – all in the one place.

As a woman in business, our biggest enabler but also our biggest blocker is always our own mindset – whether it is fear of failure, fear of success, fear of embarrassment or fear of standing out against the stereotypical role of what a woman “should be” – it is the stories we tell ourselves that can either hold us back, or propel us forward.

I’m also Co-Founder of Future Females Empowerment Initiatives and Future Females Foundation – two not for profit organisations that support the economic empowerment of women in emerging markets, through ACCESS to education, coaching and mentorship, funding, and of COURSE, community.

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