Ordinary People, Extraordinary Results

Keynote | Facilitation | Global 

Dr Marc Kahn will explain how extraordinary environments make ordinary people perform extraordinarily. Marc is a visiting professor at – People, organisation & strategy at Middlesex University. He currently holds the role of Global Head of Human Resources & Organisation Development for Investec. He is a clinical psychologist, Chartered Business Coach (WABC), Certified Master Coach (IMCSA) and a seasoned management consultant.

Marc has worked with businesses across the globe, in all industries with no preference to size – since the 1990s, His seminal book “Coaching on the Axis: Working with Complexity in Business and Executive Coaching” (2014) Karnac, is prescribed reading at various universities internationally.

Currently, Marc is based in London, England.

“Marc is THE most incredible OD, business savvy person I have come across. I learn something new every time I have the privilege to see him.” Grace Harding, Managing Director, Ocean Basket

“Marc has an amazing depth of knowledge and wisdom, and a remarkable ability to apply his acumen in providing insightful and strategic suggestions to complex executive challenges.”  Brett Morris, Group CEO, FCB


  • Ordinary people, Extraordinary performance
  • Culture as the most powerful driver for performance
  • The learning revolution: the end of the industrial model, Ordinary people, Extraordinary performance the beginning of learning as innovation
  • Leadership as the management of culture
  • Organizing for innovation
  • The Hero Leader Fallacy

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