South Africa’s Sales Guru, renowned for his exceptional ability to always deliver for his clients


“Sales can be the greatest profession in the world yet many sales people live a life of sales mediocracy”.

Mark Keating is a dynamic keynote speaker on the subject of sales.

As the CEO of SalesGuru, he brings invaluable experience and practical knowledge to the forefront, delivering engaging talks tailored for both sales professionals and managers alike.

With a career spanning decades, Mark’s speeches are infused with actionable insights, empowering listeners to elevate their sales performance and achieve remarkable success. His energetic delivery and genuine passion for the subject resonate deeply with audiences, inspiring them to embrace innovation, self-motivate, increase accountability, overcome challenges, and seize opportunities in the competitive sales landscape.

Whether addressing small teams or large conferences, Mark’s dynamic speaking style and depth of expertise make him a sought-after authority, leaving attendees inspired, informed, and ready to conquer their sales objectives.

Mark Keating is an dynamic sales keynote speaker and the CEO of SalesGuru, the leading consultancy specializing in sales excellence.

Since 2008, Mark has been the driving force behind SalesGuru Live, South Africa’s largest sales events, captivating audiences with his dynamic presentations and transformative insights.

What sets Mark apart is his unique ability to customize keynotes to fit specific themes, objectives, and outcomes, ensuring maximum impact for his clients.

With over 26 years of proven sales experience across 41 countries, 3000 companies and multiple industries, Mark covers a wide range of topics including sales mindset, activity, and skills to acquire, retain, and grow customers. He also frequently addresses sales managers and leadership on cultivating high-performance sales cultures.

Why Mark is your guy:

With over 26 years of proven sales experience, Mark has achieved top performance sales success.

He masterfully develops keynote talks to align and deliver core objectives to audiences.

Mark is easy to work with and always delivers engaging, interactive, and entertaining talks.

He provides real-world ideas that yield tangible results.

Mark approaches every event as a new opportunity to inspire his audience to achieve more sales.

He has presented Sales Guru Live events to over 3,000 people annually for the past 10 years.

Testimonials speak volumes about Mark’s impact:

“Mark’s passionate and energetic presenting style always ignites our sales force to start taking action and change behaviours for a better outcome,”

Head of Sales at Liberty.

“I’m one of your biggest fans. You always nail it, are never stale, always teaching and inspiring those around you.”

National Group Parts Sales and Marketing at Volkswagen Group South Africa

“Mark is a sales genius! Simple and succinct.”

The Managing Director of iLearn

Many more are available on request.

Mark welcomes the opportunity to engage, understand more about your conference, what you are looking to achieve and share how he can help deliver on this for you.

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