South Africa’s Sales Guru, renowned for his exceptional ability to always deliver for his clients


Mark Keating is not your typical speaker; he is known as South Africa’s Sales Guru, renowned for his exceptional ability to always deliver for his clients.  Having served as the CEO of SalesGuru, Africa’s largest sales training company, for over 17 years, Mark brings a wealth of practical experience to every engagement.

With a deep passion for inspiring sales excellence and a track record of transforming individuals and teams, Mark is your true ally in achieving your sales objectives and aspirations.

What sets Mark apart is his unparalleled dedication to understanding your unique goals. He doesn’t just deliver a standard presentation; he immerses himself in your world, collaborating closely with you to understand your key objectives and audience. His talks are not just speeches; they are personalized experiences meticulously designed to address your specific needs.

With a dynamic and engaging speaking style, Mark Keating captivates audiences and leaves them not only informed but motivated to achieve new heights. His expertise spans a wide range of topics that have garnered him recognition as a sought-after speaker in the sales realm. Whether it’s igniting motivation, turbo-charging sales performance, refining sales techniques, instilling a winning mindset, creating a high-performing sales team, or celebrating sales success, Mark tailors his talks to address your specific needs and aspirations.

His Most Popular Keynotes:

Customized Keynote: Mark’s hallmark is his ability to tailor his talks around your unique requirements. He collaborates closely with you to craft a personalized experience that aligns with your unique sales objectives and aspirations.

The DNA of a Sales Guru:

Mark shares the key elements of sales DNA success, including mindset, prospecting, unlocking the sale and customer retention with real world stories in a humorous and entertaining keynote.

Mindset of a Sales Guru: Discover the mindset that differentiate sales gurus from the rest. Mark delves into the psychology of success and reveals how to harness it for exceptional sales performance.

Prospect Like a Sales Guru: Learn how to master prospecting that minimizes rejection, maximizes engagement, and fills your schedule with meaningful meetings. This talk also includes how to turn your customer into your sales force through ongoing referrals.

How to Unlock the Sales Vault: Explore the secrets to unlocking unparalleled sales success. Mark shares insights on how to create a buying atmosphere through questions that unlock the sales vault to success.

Customer Retention and Growth Like a Sales Guru: Retaining customers and driving growth are paramount. Mark offers actionable strategies to build customer loyalty and create additional sales opportunities.

For Sales Managers and Sales Leaders – Creating a High-Performance Sales Guru Team: Building a high-performing sales team is what every sales manager and leader aspires to. Mark’s expertise in sales team dynamics and leadership equips you with the tools to elevate your sales team for exceptional results.

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