Motivation: Overcoming Adversity

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Martin Brown delivers business expanding, life-changing, interactive keynotes that inspire change, challenge thinking and accelerate personal and professional growth. He is a master story teller, and Martin has the most amazing story to tell! Nothing is more compelling than a vivid story that reminds us of the incredible human potential from an authentic adversity expert.

Martin is one of the most powerful inspirational and motivational speakers you will find because he knows how to stir passion, inspire action and genuinely move people to change. It’s not about Martin; it’s about you, your client and your audience. He’s passionate about making a difference and it comes through on and off stage. His motto is simple – do what’s best to serve you and then do whatever it takes to make your event a home run.

“Thank you Martin Brown for sharing your life and wisdom with us! We will certainly endeavour to be masters of our own lives and ensure, that the mirror image that stands in our way, grows smaller and smaller till it disappears.” Laetitia Roets – Business Relationship Manager, MediKredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions (Pty) Limited.

“Saw we were getting a speaker for a work team talk. Usually I am ambivalent about these talks, as we always try to apply it to our lives, and we have no idea where to start. My first reaction to Martin was how relaxed he was and the group relaxed too. He is a clear bright speaker, that has the ability to speak WITH you and not AT you. That’s the best way I could describe him, courageous and interesting journey and insight of what he has now accomplished. He makes a great speaker and he listens too. Martin keep it up. ” Linda (Du Preez) Wilson, Sales Manager : RH Hotels Cape Town Area, South Africa


  • The dude who broke my neck
  • We are the choices we make
  • 5 Steps how to use Adversity to your Advantage


  •  Recognise Adversity, Extrapolate Advantage
  • Take Action, Change Lives

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