Thank you for joining our second mastermind session.

In session 2 we learnt that humans name everything, and a name was given to the phase we find our selves in – Liminal Space. Pierre du Plessis went on to explain that pain is part of the liminal process and that we need to feel it in order to heal.

Next up was Ryan Hogarth who spoke about the new normal, he said that we don’t know what that looks like but it should remain a human story.

Tania Habimana backed up Ryan’s points with tips and techniques on how businesses can reinvent themselves and pivot to where there are new opportunities.

In closing Peter van Kets told us about the storms he weathered during his transatlantic rows, we learnt that we need to focus on what brings us happiness during solemn times, he also stressed the need to double down and work harder during the storm or you are at the risk of running off course.

At USB, we believe this is an opportunity to transform the conferencing industry, to embrace new technologies, to collaborate with our partners and clients to figure this out together.

Join us on Wednesday for another engaging and insightful Mastermind session where we will unpack the new normal for the conferencing industry during the phased lockdown reintegration.

If you haven’t already, reserve your spot now;

Mastermind Session 2 Slides

Start here by downloading the slides in pdf;

Conrad Coch – Session Introduction

Pierre du Plessis – Understanding Liminal Space

Ryan Hogarth – The New Normal

Tania Habimana – Business Models & Tactics

Peter van Kets – Weathering The Storm

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