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Michael Jackson stands out as an acclaimed and award-winning business keynote speaker and facilitator, celebrated for his forward-thinking approach to conferences and events. Specialising in demystifying the future of business, he excels in creating customised, memorable, and highly engaging experiences for his audiences, delivering keynotes that captivate and resonate, globally.

In a business world that evolves at breakneck speed, Jackson is committed to providing timely and pertinent insights. His ability to contextualise the nuances of business change within the dynamic economic landscape empowers attendees with the critical knowledge they need to thrive professionally.

His keynote presentations are meticulously tailored, seamlessly integrating each client’s unique narrative and core messages into content that is not only compelling but also informed by his relentless research, strategic acumen, and keen insight into global trends.

Jackson’s innovative approach to conference engagement is a game-changer. He works intimately with clients to design the content and structure of events, prioritizing audience interaction and ensuring continuous engagement, even post-event. This approach consistently sets new standards in the speaking arena.

Moreover, Jackson’s skills extend beyond keynote speaking. As an adept conference facilitator, he leverages his extensive experience and broadcasting expertise to elevate traditional event formats, deeply engaging his audiences. His comprehensive service package, available at a single daily rate, guarantees his maximum contribution to the success of any event.

I have known Michael for the past decade and highly recommend him as a guest speaker to any event where an organisation is driving a change pattern or a requirement to implement change. Michael unlocks the audience to a new level of thinking and the central message is clear, rational and understood. This then allows any organisation to achieve the buy in and enrol every voice in the vision – driving collaboration, smashing barrier and allowing every individual to realise their role in the journey” – Luke Sacco (MD of Sacco and Associates (Pty) Ltd) – Hotel performance specialist.

Michael is like a human cup of coffee on stage… and the best speaker we’ve ever had; by far. Watching people stand and applaud is all too rare in this day and age! An amazing way to start a start a paradigm shift in our business culture. – Eric K. Johnston. Executive Vice President Customer Service, Jaguar Land Rover North America

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