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The Future of Business Revolutionised: Strategy, Change and Transformation

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Michael Jackson is an expert business speaker known as “The Change Guru”, and with 30 years’ experience in predicting where future shocks to business and marketplaces will come from, the title is well deserved.

Michael has spoken at over 2700 conferences in 46 countries to date, he is regularly sought after for conferences and events across the world.

Combining his speaking, broadcasting and writing talents with his passion for meticulous research, Michael is uniquely positioned to show companies and employees where the market is, where it is expected to go and uncover business breakthrough trends.

I have known Michael for the past decade and highly recommend him as a guest speaker to any event where an organisation is driving a change pattern or a requirement to implement change. Michael unlocks the audience to a new level of thinking and the central message is clear, rational and understood. This then allows any organisation to achieve the buy in and enrol every voice in the vision – driving collaboration, smashing barrier and allowing every individual to realise their role in the journey” – Luke Sacco (MD of Sacco and Associates (Pty) Ltd) – Hotel performance specialist.

Michael is like a human cup of coffee on stage… and the best speaker we’ve ever had; by far. Watching people stand and applaud is all too rare in this day and age! An amazing way to start a start a paradigm shift in our business culture. – Eric K. Johnston. Executive Vice President Customer Service, Jaguar Land Rover North America


  • The Challenge of Change.
  • The Road Ahead.
  • Thinking Better Business.
  • Business as (Un)usual
  • The Future of your Business


By weaving carefully designed interactive interventions into a conference agenda, Michael can generate greater interest, excitement, attention as well as measurable results from and with your delegates by working with them in a Masterclass format in order to determine the answers to certain issues:

  • Charting The Road Ahead; what needs to be done?
  • Titanic Thinking
  • Plotting the change curve
  • CEO for the Day
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