Award Winning Entrepreneurs, International Best Selling Authors, Masters of Conscious Leadership And Business

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Mike Handcock & Landi Jac have worked in over 50 countries, travelling on average 4.5 times around the earth each year. They are passionate award winning entrepreneurs, international best selling authors, filmmakers and philanthropists. Their clients include major corporates, associations, entrepreneurs and not for profits.

Mike & Landi should be targeted at leadership teams, where people need a shake up, have  new perspectives that are truly GLOBAL, and sales teams that need refreshing and want to understand the psychology behind sales with a 2030 view.

Mike & Landi will enlighten, provoke, entertain and shift the paradigms of thought in your audience. Because there are two of them your audience see’s the male/female aspect, through which they edu-tain, hold audiences in the palm of their hand and there is always the ‘Ah Ha’ moment when a pearl of wisdom to solve a problem, increase sustainable productivity or simple communicate with transparency happens.


  • 2 Global Business Awards in 2020 – to add to 11 previous Awards
  • Authors of 3 International Best Sellers this year alone
  • Own 5 companies in Ed-Tech, Training & Events, Investment, Publishing and International Collaboration
  • Spoken over 2,000 times in 50+ countries, certified in the top 0.1% of speakers
  • Ex Senior Corporates, power couple with personality, fun and enlightened education


  • Conscious Leadership – The journey to accountability, passionate productivity and the journey within.
  • Conscious Sales – Turning sales on it’s head so customers ask you if they can buy
  • The Untapped Mindset – How to transform your mind from Discontent to Cheerfulness, from Distraction to Clarity, from Disease to Comfort and from Distrust to Confidence
  • The Leaders Mind – 4 Brains, Mindfood and a dose of reality, for sustained creative vision
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