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Molefe Pooe helps organisation improve their performance through raising their leadership abilities, improving employee engagement, and delivering exceptional customer experience. These three pillars will set any business apart and results will be seen in the bottom line.

Molefe also works with entrepreneurs and business owners as a coach to help them successfully navigate through every stage of business development. Some of the business he has worked with have seen 10X growth through interventions Molefe co-created with the founders during coaching sessions.

Molefe Pooe is a sought after key note speaker, business coach and workshop facilitator. He has a unique ability to connect with the audience and distilling complex subjects to make them understandable and practical. His talks and workshops are beyond motivational, they provoke thought and lead to changed behaviour.

He is a part of the Global John Maxwell team with the sole mission and purpose of raising the leadership quotient of leaders in every facet of society.

Molefe is also an author of two books:

MoneyTalks: A four in 1 book touching on the following subjects-Leadership, Business development, relational intelligence, and wealth creation. (Click to order)

How I grew my business to 20 million turnover in 5 years: This is an ebook for entrepreneurs designed to help them building profitable and sustainable businesses in a highly competitive environment.

Molefe Pooe is a mechanical engineer with an MBA who has worked for blue chip companies like Sasol and Unilever. He has also founded and led an engineering business he grew to employ over 150 employees through sheer determination and hard work. Most of the keynotes and masterclasses offered are first hand experiences gained as an entrepreneur and corporate executive.

He is also a corporate executive and Non-Executive director of various organisations.

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Keynotes and Master Classes and workshops

1. Disruptive Leadership

The world is constantly changing. No industry and sector is spared. Leaders have to grapple with the speed and frequency of change in their organisations. How do you prepare yourself and your team to successfully lead in this ever-changing environment? Adapting is no longer sufficient. You have to be a disruptive leader and build a disruptive organisation.

Target Audience: Executive leadership, Senior managers, first line management teams.

Key learnings and outcomes: characteristics of disrupters, key to being a disruptive organisation. Thriving strategies.

  1. Everyday Leadership Excellence

The Peter principle suggest that most people are promoted into the area of their incompetence. While they may have been great at demonstrating technical ability, they still need to improve their management and leadership ability as they transition into a role of leading teams.

Target Audience: Old managers and newly appointed leaders and managers.

Key learnings and outcomes:  Developing leadership character, improving leadership competence, building and developing effective teams, harness the potential and strength of team and delivering results through teams. Improved team and business performance.

  1. Entrepreneurial mindset

Entrepreneurship is at the centre of every solution the world has ever seen. It is the driving force behind the significant progress and change their world has seen.

Leading organisations have realised the importance of developing and cultivating an entrepreneurial culture to thrive in a competitive world.

Thriving nations see SME development as a critical part and key lever of economic development. We have a responsibility to not only develop survival businesses but entrepreneurs with the right mindset to solve problems in society and the world.

Target Audience: Entrepreneurs, Founders, Intrapreneurs, Business owners, ESD practitioners.

Key learnings and outcomes: Thinking like an owner, building resilience, dealing with failure, spotting and monetising opportunities.

  1. Business Growth Strategy

Growth in business never happens by chance, it happens through deliberate and intentional effort. It is a direct result of a series of strategic actions taken by the leadership team. Every business has a strategy but often they are by default and not by design. Some of the existing strategies have not been critiqued for relevance in the changing environment. This is a workshop for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to distinguish themselves from their competition and stand out in their industry.

Target Audience: Entrepreneurs, ESD practitioners, business owners.

Key learnings and Outcome: Crafting a clear value proposition, creating successful go to market strategies, prioritising growth projects. Developing a Business growth strategy


  1. Financial Wellness

Employee wellness often neglects the important contributor to overall wellness -finances. Consequently, wellness interventions are short lived. This keynote and masterclass are designed to give the audience the skills to improve their financial wellness index and successes with their money regardless of how much they earn.

Target Audience: Managers, Supervisors, leaders, all staff.

Key learnings and Outcomes: Tools to manage and maximize money, setting and achieving financial goals, debt strategies, financial planning. Improved confidence with money. This ultimately results in reduce absenteeism and a heathy and motivated workforce.


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