The Architect of Uncommon Sense


Guiding executives to surpass growth expectations with fewer resources than they think are needed, Mqondisi Gumede stands as a beacon of transformative thinking. His unique approach, rooted in a deep understanding of human psychology and behavioural insights, crafts innovative, capital-light strategies that convert ambitious goals into tangible results.

Mqondisi’s journey has been marked by an extraordinary ability to provide lucid, actionable insights to a diverse range of clients, from renowned corporations like Woolworths Financial Services, Danone, Santam, Nedbank and Old Mutual to dynamic entities like South African Tourism and ooba and member based organisations like IRMSA and GNDI. His past roles, including his leadership at The OMG and his impactful tenure at South African Tourism, underscore his expertise in driving significant change and growth.

His keynotes, described as a blend of captivating storytelling and evidence-backed provocations, have resonated with audiences globally. Testimonials from industry leaders such as Jose Rodrigues, Rhys Dyer, and Vusi Thembekwayo attest to Mqondisi’s ability to bring fresh perspectives and groundbreaking strategies to complex business challenges.

Mqondisi’s talks are not just presentations; they are transformative experiences that inspire, challenge, and empower. His expertise spans a wide range of topics, from the intricacies of data management to the subtleties of market dynamics and leadership. Each keynote is a journey towards redefining the possible, pushing boundaries beyond conventional limits, and achieving unprecedented success.

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