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Mushambi is a tech leader, serial entrepreneur and speaker with more than 12 years of experience in building brands and businesses across the African continent and in the United States. Mushambi shares insights on Tech, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Mushambi is a published author, his debut book, Tech Adjacent is about understanding the principles of tech, it’s pace, hearing the footsteps of where it might be going, knowing how disruption and innovation work tangibly, and most importantly leverage it for your unique exponential success.

His book is the guidebook for not just surviving but excelling in a world of exponential growth. Whether you are a start-up entrepreneur or corporate executive this guide is a must for leaders present and future.

Through Mushambi’s talks, coaching and workshop facilitation he hopes to further cultivate and advance Africa’s next generation of innovators and tech adjacent businesses.

T e c h  A d j a c e n t
T h e  E n t r e p r e n e u r i a l  M i n d s e t
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