Respected Business Woman and Inspiration to all

Keynote | Global

Born without arms, not without attitude! Nicky Abdinor is an expert on doing MORE with less. She is an agent of change who will leave your audience believing in their abilities. They’ll learn to focus on what they CAN do!

Nicky delivers a message that is authentic and captivating, with lessons that are universal and easily translated into actions in our careers and personal lives. What makes Nicky a sought-after global speaker is that her message is enhanced by her expertise as a Clinical Psychologist.

She has an ability and understanding of creating sustainable change in our attitudes and beliefs necessary to tolerate uncertainty in ever-evolving industries. With her witty sense of humour and natural speaking ability, Nicky not only keeps the attention of the audience, but also spurs them to action!

“Nicky has the ability to connect with and inspire audiences across multiple geographies, cultures, languages and genders. Nicky’s ability to deliver key messages through emotional personal experiences has meant that the audience instantly connected with her which has led to no less than three standing ovations. Regardless of conference theme or specific industry, Nicky’s connection with the audience is one that would leave people with self-reflection, belief, inspiration and above all motivated both in one’s personal or work environment. As the client, Nicky makes me the hero of any event. She is certainly the one in a million find in speakers.” Nicolas Le Roux (Travelport: Africa, Middle East & South Asia).


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