The Flash of Inspiration that Moves you to Action – Personal Leadership

Keynote | Global

Pa Joof has a unique understanding of economic dynamics, corporate mechanisms and leadership development. His uncanny ability to translate this to a workable/winning real-world application and implementation make him a highly sought after speaker and the go to consultant and personal coach to politicians, top-athletes, thought leaders and some of the greatest corporate leaders of our time.

“He inspires and mentors investors starting by tackling the mental blocks that will stop people from succeeding, then teach them the investment techniques. Expected results are that people feel courageous with fear and invisible obstacles lifted and they can look forward to brighter futures.” – Denise Due, Come-on Profilex Properties, London, UK.


  • Secrets to Success
  • Living your Legacy
  • Master Communicator
  • Zero to a Million
  • Navigating Change
  • Speak with Impact
  • Servant Leadership
  • Leadership 2.0
  • Building a Winning Culture
  • Stand out, stand tall
  • Value added selling
  • Raving client fanbase
  • Ignite your fire

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