Entrepreneur, author, philosopher and teacher

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Peter Sage is the world renowned international & serial entrepreneur, author, philosopher and teacher.

His unique way of looking at and relating to life has inspired tens of thousands of people worldwide to Reinvent themselves.

Whether by improving or turning around a business or developing a new and empowering psychology through practical yet profound shifts in awareness, Peter hopes his insights and teachings can offer something of value to those who seek it.

Peter has spoken on 5 continents and is frequently asked to deliver keynote addresses, seminars and workshops, entertaining and inspiring audiences across the globe.

He has been booked to share the stage with high profile people such as Sir Richard Branson, Kofi Anan, former US President Bill Clinton and many others.

As an expert in human behaviour, leadership, world-class customer service and motivation Peter is highly qualified to speak on a variety of subjects, frequently holding audiences of up to 10,000 spellbound.


Peter is an accomplished athlete, expert in health and nutrition and a former competition level bodybuilder.

He has completed several Marathons, including the formidable 250km Sahara Ultra-Marathon (Marathon des Sables) – widely recognized as one of the the toughest footraces in the world.

He has climbed some of the worlds highest peaks, competes at BritishChampionship level indoor rowing, is a trained and decorated marksman(Great British Shooting Team, ACF) a qualified open water diver, an experienced skydiver and a long-standing member of the world renowned and infamous Dangerous Sports Club.

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