Chaos is a gift!

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Pierre is a master storyteller who firmly believes in the ludicracy of speaking to crowds to change the world. He has a habit of making the familiar strange and turning the world upside down.

With his books, daily emails, and speaking he whittles meaning out of words and inspires individuals and businesses to be better humans and make better stuff.

He is currently the CEO of HumanWrites, saving the world one wee notebook at a time. He works with a contemplative community in the heart of Cape Town, figuring out what it means to exist as urban monks.

Originally from a design background he has worked in fashion, advertising, branding and trend analysis. He is also an aspiring artist. He was awarded the Desmond Tutu Gerrit Brand prize in 2017 for best spiritual publication by a debut author in an official language.

He has been featured on TEDx stages numerous times, and travels the world preaching about chaos, leadership, innovation, and trends. He is an educator at DUKE CE University and his corporate clients include BMW, KFC, Adcock Ingram, Old Mutual, FNB and others. He believes he is the love child of Getrude Stein and Jason Borne. He lives in Cape Town with his wife, two kids, and his iPhone.

Pierre du Plessis is most probably one of the best speakers I have encountered, anywhere in the world. I have been lucky enough to see the likes of Nir Eyal, Eric Qualman, the great Tony Dungy, even that guy Bill Clinton, but do I do anything different after listening to them? Nope. I do after Pierre’s talks. – Dewald Du Plooy, Marketing director KFC Africa

I am jaded, I have been in the industry a very long time (20 years feels like a lifetime), I have seen a lot, heard a lot, had my intelligence challenged and my mind bent, and often been bored. There are not many speakers out there that make me stop (mid running around on an event) and listen. Pierre is one of those – Kelly McGillivray, Squad Events

  • Chaos is a gift
  • In Praise of Shadows.
  • Heroes, Monsters and Kings.
  • Walking, Handwritten notes and artisans
  • Prostitutes, The Andes, and Japanese Sword makers
  • Cats throwing like a girl, and gurus
  • What does your hands smell of?
  • The Art of Discernment.
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