Spoken word artist


Born and raised in Pretoria, Puno Selesho is a visionary Spoken Word artist, writer, and social entrepreneur whose journey spans over 13 years of captivating performances on global stages. Driven by a profound love for words and humanity, Puno embarks on collaborative endeavours, igniting transformational projects that resonate with authenticity and impact.

Puno’s artistic prowess transcends boundaries, serving as a beacon of inspiration to those who dare to dream and defy conventions. With unwavering dedication, she crafts narratives that illuminate the inherent worth of every individual, challenging societal norms and weaving tales that echo the vibrant tapestry of modern Africa.

Through her boundless creativity, Puno endeavours to infuse society with a renewed sense of hope and possibility. Her literary legacy includes two acclaimed works, “Love Handles” and “According to Hope,” available on Amazon.com, each a testament to her commitment to uplifting souls and fostering change.

Beyond the stage, Puno’s influence extends through voice-overs, captivating videos, and dynamic live performances, each endeavour a testament to her unwavering belief in the transformative power of art. As she continues to illuminate minds and hearts, Puno Selesho remains a beacon of aspiration, inspiring others to envision a world where creativity reigns supreme and humanity thrives.

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