Lynn Baker – Customer Experience with David Watts from MixFM 

Gilan Gork the Mentalist Talks Persuasion with John Golden 

Ryan Hogarth Talks Sales the New Normal with John Golden 

Justin Tells Us How To Pitch To Win with John Golden Editor in Chief SalesPOP

Digital Influence with Ryan Hogarth – Lynn Baker
Customer service has been a focal point in business since there have been businesses. But tech-savvy customers today want more than just service. What is “customer experience” and why should it be an ongoing obsession for every business? Ryan chats with Lynn Baker, professional speaker and customer experience expert.

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Paul McConnon
Paul McConnon from the Unique Speaker Bureau speaks about the conferencing and eventing industry as a whole, as well as the difference between a managing agency and a bureau. Also, a new exciting initiative about an upcoming collaboration with Henley Business School – changing the conferencing industry and giving back.

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Zipho Sikhakhane
Zipho Sikhakhane is an international speaker, business writer and advisor. She has a passion for business and started her own business at the age of five. Zipho received a full scholarship in Cape Town and achieved an MBA from Stanford University

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Dr Rutendo Hwindingwi
Dr Rutendo Hwindingwi has an insatiable desire to see the exponential growth of business in Africa, as well as a passion for the development of Africa’s greatest resource – its people. An active Associate Director of Deloitte, he is part of the Technology and Outsourcing team that is a strategic business unit focused on offering technology solutions to companies operating in Africa.

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Cyrus Rogers 
Cyrus is an MC known as ‘the man with the velvet voice’. He has spent the last 10 years producing television scripting, directing, recording voice overs and more. Cyrus has always had a love for the spoken and written message and knows how to keep his audiences entertained.

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Justin Cohen 
Happiness boosts sales, productivity and performance. The Parnassus Workplace Fund only invests in happy companies and delivers a nearly 7% higher return than average. Based on cutting edge scientific research fresh out of the field of positive psychology, listen to Justin Cohen talking to Michael about how to create more happiness in your life and work.

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Zipho Sikhakhane
Zipho Sikhakhane tells her story of entrepreneurship, dedication and self-belief. Find out why this self-made businesswoman in the USA decided to pack up and return home to Africa.

In Conference with Michael Jackson — Craig Wing
Craig Wing is a futurist and speaker working at the nexus of leadership, strategy, exponential organisations and corporate culture.

In Conference with Michael Jackson — Andy Rice
Andy Rice is probably South Africa’s best-known branding and advertising expert. As a strategist, he headed up Ogilvy Johannesburg’s account planning department before founding Yellowwood. Andy talks to Michael Jackson about strategy, inventing and re-inventing brands and defining exactly what a brand is.

In Conference with Michael Jackson — AlProdgers
One of South Africa’s funniest and busiest corporate comedians, Al Prodgers, gives Michael Jackson some insight into his journey “behind the scenes”..

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