Build A Performing Team by Transforming Your Organisational Culture


Reggie has worked as; A manager in IT Technical support/contact centre and solutions implementation in South Africa for over 10 years, responsible for IT solutions & services delivery and implementing ITIL best practice.

He holds an international executive MBA, he is a certified professional business coach and has studied extensively on the topics of Organisational Culture, Strategy and Leadership at various business schools including Harvard Business School.

Most recently he has worked as the Executive Head of Operations for Micros South Africa looking after support operations, Technical Implementation and Project Management. Reggie has worked extensively on organisational culture transformation projects, most recently being appointed chairman of the organisational culture committee for a JSE listed company with over 900 employees globally.

Key Takeaways From Reggies’ Keynote Talks

For Leaders: They will be able to identify all the moving parts of an organizational culture and how they can cultivate the culture they desire for the organization. Understanding their role in the transformation of an organizational culture

For Employees: They will walk away with a sense of purpose, knowing that their individual contributions are key to the organisation’s success. They will be inspired to live out their potential in pursuit of personal excellence

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