International Guru on Leadership, Performance and Organisational Culture

René Carayol specialises in leadership, culture and business transformation bound together with a compelling philosophy founded on his own board level experience.

He asks awkward and uncomfortable questions; how do you change old-fashioned, risk-adverse processes that are ill suited to emerging global markets? How do you secure and nurture the talents of a new generation of leaders? How do you overcome cynicism and complacency, and replace them with resolve?

René has built his reputation on getting to know the culture of businesses better than they do themselves; providing answers and solutions no matter how big or small the problems.

“René was instrumental in leading the organization’s global HR team through a change process in which they not only saw a new vision for their work, but really felt it at deep visceral level.” Google


  • Culture Is More Powerful Than Strategy
  • Manage A Little Less And Lead A Little More
  • The Age of Uncertainty
  • Leading through turbulent times
  • What do you stand for?


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