FAB: Performance, Resilience and the Ultimate Productivity Toolkit

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The Resilient Energy Center focuses on enabling and preparing people to be more resilient, in this turbulent and demanding world of work, in which we live. The Centre is run by Joni Peddie, (Behavioural Strategist) and Ntsiki Mkhize (Social Entrepreneur).

Worldwide people are suffering high levels of stress, anxiety (1 in 6 people are depressed) and some are so fatigued that they don’t realise that they are on the brink of burnout! 

The Resilient Energy Center focuses on turning these issues around: for Individuals; Teams; Departments, as well as providing ‘cultural shifts’ in Organisations (from Multinationals to SMEs). The various frameworks, assessments and tools used are neuroscience backed, and yet their approach is ’simplicity at the far end of complexity’. The Center places emphasis on ‘sustainable behaviour shifts’ and ensures pragmatic implementation.

The FAB Quotient™ ; the FABculator ; Internationally validated EQ and Brain Style Assessments as well as the Enneagram Personality System are used to address the issues of high stress and turn around performance. Between Joni and Ntsiki they have over four decades of experience in professional key note presenting and facilitating focusing on igniting leaders, and their teams to improve their energy levels, boost their resilience and as a result live a purpose-driven, happy and fulfilled life.

“Delegates made real beneficial changes. We appreciate the professionalism and innovation that these ladies have brought to our business. They exceed our expectations and requirements.” Linda La Werne, Human Resources: Head Consumer Banking, Retail Business Banking, Nedbank Limited.


  • Be Future Fit !
    EI (Emotional Intelligence) is one of the  top 10 soft skills needed for 2020.(Identified by the WEF: World Economic Forum)
  • Are you authentic & playing to the strengths of your Personality Style?Know Thyself & inter-relate more effectively with Others using the Enneagram
  • ’Stress’ isn’t the enemy : Energy management is the new stress management! Boost your resiliency and get more done each day.
  • The Science of Personal Performance & Productivity: Learn the tricks … what’s YOUR Swiss Army Knife?


  • FAB techniques to improve collaboration, to achieve more!
  • Neuro-science backed tools & techniques to boost resiliency
  • Energy is more important than intelligence. You need energy for ‘critical thinking, creativity and problem solving’.
  • Be Mindful. Be FAB. Be future-fit.
  • Personality matters
  • Brain-fog to brain-fit in 3 steps
  • Automate and ‘hard-wire’ behaviour change. Learn how to.
  • Sleep: the right quantity and quality : is a ‘game-changer’.

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