Renowned speaker, endurance athlete and brain cancer survivor.


Richard Wright is a successful businessman and two-time, stage four brain cancer survivor, who overcame all the odds of beating cancer, whilst at the same time competing in some of the world’s toughest endurance events. In his inspirational presentations, he shares many of the hardships he has endured, but more importantly, he shares the lessons he learned from overcoming these insurmountable challenges. He talks about how to use the mind to fight against hardships and gives the audience practical tools on how to face off adversity and respond positively to change.

The lessons learned begin with the unravelling of your own DNA to discover the true identity of what defines you. Starting on the inside and working outwards, Richard explains that it is our ‘why’ which is the platform on which to build our ‘how’. He shares his extensive knowledge about neuroscience, and how important it is to understand and control our thought processes, which ultimately determine the ‘what’ of how our life turns out. You will leave this presentation feeling empowered, challenged, inspired and enlightened. Ready for change.

“Richard is an extraordinary human, and his story is tenacious compassionate and courageous. Beautifully expressed in an utterly engaging, powerful and dynamic delivery. A mesmerizing and revolutionary wordsmith who empowered me to challenge my thinking, release potential and change my life for the better.” – Anna Hick – VSS Learning UK


  • The DNA of life: Nobody said it would be easy
  • How to live a life of fulfilment and purpose, by understanding your ‘why’.
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