I was the problem, so I decided to become part of the solution!


Roy speaks passionately on all matters relating to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion. Roy believes in having tough conversations; approaching complex material with an honesty, authenticity and simplicity. Roy has mastered the art of making the difficult subject matter of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion easily digestible for audiences of all types and for all occasions and believes in.

Keynote content outline

  • The Exclusion Pyramid:understanding the four layers of exclusion and how they impact psychology and human behaviour.
  • Core Cycle of Success:contextualising DEI in Daniel Kim’s Core Cycle of Success model for sustainable and healthy organisations
  • What Quality Relationships unlock: looking at how quality relationships unlock innovation, using one’s voice, sharing opinions, speaking up and speaking out.
  • Trust Deficits: trust underpins quality relationships. Given our history, we have been taught, or have caught to give trust to, and who not to. I unpack our history of violence and how that created a social hierarchy of trust
  • Brief touch on privilege: history has created hierarchies. These hierarchies sustain privilege and privilege guides who we trust.
  • Psychological safety: psychological safety is a condition that defines the quality of our relationships. One of the easiest ways to build psychologically safe relationships is to learn how to give trust
  • Tips on improving safety: so, what do we do? Tips and tricks on increasing psychological safety

Learning outcomes

  • Better understanding of what psychological (un)safety means, who feels it within organisations, why they feel it, and the effect of this on culture and talent
  • An unpacking of privilege, along with various models on why quality relationship-building is critical for organisational success
  • Tips on how to build psychologically safe relationships

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