Digital Innovation and The New Normal

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Ryan Hogarth has become known for bringing the complexity of technological innovation to audiences in a way that they see opportunity and possibility for themselves and their businesses. He has carved his niche in digital innovation focusing on transformation and navigating the process to new business thinking. From Sub-Saharan Africa to the Middle East and Europe, leading companies have engaged Ryan’s insight into the digital golden age as it relates to leadership, the workforce, customers and communications.

Bridging the gap between new adaptive thinking and old school, establishment thinking through his keynotes, masterclasses and workshops, Ryan’s high-energy professional style has been described as statesman-like where he has worked with major banks, blue chip companies, mainstream tech companies and reputable international associations. He has also worked frequently as a host/programme director at technology related conferences where his energy and technical knowledge makes a programme that is tightly run and engagingly executed.

“Ryan Hogarth is an absolute pro at what he does. His knowledge for the subject matter came across effortlessly and he kept the energy up throughout the MTN Business IoT Conference. I would recommend Ryan for any big tech event and we look forward to working with him again.” Creative Space Media

“You were so tuned into what we wanted and were able to cater to our event to the last detail. Your ability to elicit boisterous laughter, some gasps and general command of the stage to perfection is enviable. Everyone who attended, left happy! We received such great feedback from attendees and many, many positive remarks on the impression that you left on them.” SA Institute of Chartered Accountants


  • The New Normal
  • Decoding Digital: Bridging People & Technology
  • We’re not Robots


  • Challenging Assumptions
  • Digital Branding
  • Fear, Friction, Future
  • Cycle of Denial
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