a Seasoned facilitator, brings over 10,000 hours of expertise in guiding and coaching individuals across four continents, spanning diverse backgrounds

Keynote | Facilitator | Coaching

Over nearly 20 years, she has dedicated herself to offering Personal Mastery programs, leveraging the Enneagram framework to deliver tailored learning outcomes to her clients.

Saffron, is equipped with a Sociology Honours from Trinity College, Dublin, and a MADA from WITS in South Africa; and boasts extensive expertise in human behaviour. Saffron’s qualifications also include an international Narrative Enneagram teachers’ qualification, the Embodied Enneagram, a masters in identity theory and various qualifications in somatic healing modalities. As a seasoned keynote speaker, facilitator, and coach, she assists corporate clients in fostering leadership communities. Saffron emphasizes building self-trust and self-respect, which lead to living with real self-confidence, crucial in today’s business world, empowering individuals, including executives, to navigate overwhelm, promote collaboration, and sustain creativity. Her focus on personal mastery responds to the need for employee engagement, inclusivity, compassion, and transparent communication in workplaces. Saffron advocates that too much workplace energy is wasted on office politics, gossip and blame, all of which can be changed with the right tools and knowledge.

In an era where ‘soft skills’ are unequivocally vital, Saffron’s keynote presentations and her online Personal Mastery Lab offer a spectrum of resources enabling you and your teams to channel energies more effectively. Her expertise extends to teaching inclusivity and diversity, facilitating self and team transformation, fostering personal growth in leadership, nurturing self-esteem, advocating compassionate leadership, cultivating high-performance teams, and empowering women at every stage of their careers.

Topics covered: Coaching And Mentoring, Enneagram, Personal Mastery, Emotional Intelligence, Somatic Intelligence, Stress Management, Unconscious Bias, Women In Leadership, Behavioural Patterns, Leadership skills, High-Performance team building, Resilience, Self-Esteem Management, and Equine Leadership/Teambuilding Facilitation.

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