A world-class athlete, businesswoman, and philanthropist

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A world-class athlete, businesswoman, and philanthropist, Serena Williams knows what it takes to win. She’s come back from major injuries to win international titles and persevered to become one of the top tennis players in history.

Serena Williams has been a professional tennis player since she was 14. Over the course of her nearly career, she’s earned over $92.54 million in prize money, according to the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA)..

In 2019, Williams was the only woman athlete to make Forbes’ list of the world’s highest-paid athletes. Last year, she made $4.3 million in prize money, according to the WTA. Another $25 million came from endorsements from sponsors such as Nike, J.P. Morgan and Gatorade.

Williams has 23 Grand Slam titles under her belt and is currently ranked the No. 10 women’s tennis player in the world. She’s the fourth woman ever to be ranked in the WTA top 10 after turning 38.

A savvy entrepreneur, Serena has pursued her love of fashion through designing and managing a successful line of clothing, handbags, and jewelry. Fueled by passion and the need to seek challenges, the American started S by Serena, a complete e-commerce clothing line in 2018. Catering to women of color and those from the minority, she has been a constant voice of the unheard. Williams runs a venture capital firm, Serena Ventures, which has investments in over 50 companies across multiple industries. including businesses that touch e-commerce, food & beverage, fashion, health & wellness, social good, and more.

Building a successful career in tennis and business both is not for all, but for Serena, it is all she wants. With a desire to play for many years to come, she also aims at making her business grow exponentially. From e-commerce and fashion to food and health, Serena is all over the place both on and off the court.

A member of the Board of Directors of Poshmark and SurveyMonkey, Serena also has a jewelry line in her own name. She, along with American rapper Jay Z, has an investment in Indonesian coffee-line Kopi Kenangan. Additionally, she has ownership in the aforementioned S by Serena clothing line and a capital firm known as Serena Ventures. The American also her money pooled in the American football team Miami Dolphins and in the UFC.

Considering new and upcoming businesses as America’s major undertakings, Serena also invests in these. Her wisdom in the matter of money is equal with her incredible tennis skills. She urges people to strive, co-ordinate, invest, and believe to find the desired success.

The 4-time Olympic Gold medallist is an icon beyond tennis. As she grows in her work consistently, Serena Williams is sure to turn into an even bigger brand than she currently is now.


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