Corporate Well-being Specialist


In the wake of the pandemic and what is being termed as the ‘Great Resignation’ it is more important than ever to support employees who are experiencing higher levels of burnout, stress, job-dissatisfaction and overwhelm than ever before.

Shanel assists organisation’s to embrace self-care, active rest and mindfulness to re-invigorate employees, promote well-being and sustainable productivity.

Shanel presents with warmth, humour and engaging insights. She is a well-seasoned corporate leadership and learning specialist that comes with a wealth of knowledge, expertise and passion to capture and inspire audiences to live a more meaningful and successful life, both personally and professionally.

Shanel has her Masters in Leadership. She is a certified Mindfulness Practitioner and qualified Yoga Instructor. She has over 15 years experience in Leadership and Learning Development.

Masterclass Topics:

  • Banish Overwhelm
  • The Joy Advantage
  • Mindfulness at work: A critical skill for the 21st century
  • The Power of Rest to enable greater productivity
  • Personal Mastery: Self-Awareness
  • Champion Mindset
  • YOUR Victory condition
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