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An inspirational, entertaining speaker who has a passion for his subject. Few speakers have the ability to deliver powerful life changing messages as they make their audiences laugh. Shay McConnon is one of them.

Psychologist Shay’s background in psychology and education has enabled him to develop some unique and creative ways for enabling people to make behavioural shifts. He is regarded as a leading authority on people issues.

Educationalist Shay spent 15 years in Special Education, teaching young people who had emotional and behavioural difficulties. He wrote a series of books, enabling students to develop social skills and enhance self-esteem. These were published by Macmillan and formed the basis of many Personal and Social Education Programmes around the world.

Managing Director, He is the founder of People First, an international Training and Consultancy group that specialises in creating winning relationships in the workplace. Shay and his associates work with leading companies in the UK, continental Europe and the USA.

Author He is the author of 17 books on personal development and has recently been commissioned to write a series of self-help books for the High Street based on his highly acclaimed Winning Relationships Programme.

Magician Shay has entertained professionally as a magician with appearances at the Savoy and the Ritz in London. His flair for entertaining, combined with his academic background, creates a unique presentation style, which sets Shay apart from others.

Professional Speaker – Founding member of the Professional Speaker’s Association (UK) – A fellow of the PSA – Speaking regularly at conferences globally. – Exciting – entertaining – inspiring – Only book Shay if you want something transformational and a bit different. Clients: Barclays Bank PLC, British Aerospace, PepsiCo Foods, Siemens, WWF International, Sony

“The feedback has been excellent, evidenced by our repeat bookings with you for the remainder of our USA and UK staff. You kept the audience riveted and I look forward to the next time.” Pippa Anderson, Head of OPD Glaxo Smith Kline


  • Winning Relationships: Get the best from your people
  • Which Planet are you from? Capitalise on the diversity of
    styles in the workplace
  • Leadership Magic: Create special people who will give you
    special results
  • An Even Better Place to Work® improve the quality of
    work life for everyone


  • The “How To” of Employee Engagement – Fastrack to high engagement levels
  • Conflict to collaboration – Replace conflict with openness, trust & collaboration
  • Feedback – Give feedback without alienating anyone /receive feedback without getting defensive
  • High performing teams – Improve moral, claboration and productivity

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