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When Siba’s Table first aired on Food Network, it not only cemented Chef Siba’s standing as South Africa’s premier culinary phenomenon, but catapulted her to the status of global food icon in more than 135 countries worldwide, and 60 million homes in the USA through the Cooking Channel alone. The world was hungry for the local and African dishes with a twist this Food and Consumer Sciences with majors in Food Sciences and Nutrition, former magazine food editor and model served up – and continues to consume every bite she creates with her unique dazzling deftness.

With so much under her belt including being one of the most in-demand celebrity chefs on an array of local and international programmes, at food festivals the world over and not forgetting on glossy magazine covers, it is hard to sum up just how barricade-breaking this down-to-earth chef with her humble, Mdantsane, Eastern Cape roots has been.

‘Being able to bring my continent the food acclaim it deserves is both a privilege and a blessing,’ says Siba, who can add the esteemed Ubuntu Award to her platter of prestigious accolades for doing just that. Ever the entrepreneur, much of her focus remains invested in The Siba Co and its Menu and Recipe Development arm/VIP bespoke and experiential catering service as sought after by leading restaurants, hospitality showcases and industry leaders in the food service trade.

Popular Talks by Siba:

Leadership, Business and Motivational talks

1. Entrepreneurship, pivoting through challenging times, growing your business and staying afloat

2. Pioneering locally and globally more as I am Harvard Business Case Study

3. Building a brand and keeping it topical and relevant

4. Women in leadership how to balance the work/family life relationship and thrive

5. Motivational speaking and encouragement

The phenomenon that is Siba Mtongana takes work that sticks to the bona fide branding we look for. Through her social media, the recipes she makes and the decisions she makes for the future of her business, everything falls into the messaging that Siba chooses to take to her audience, with no exception.

Even during Covid-19, when she was not able to film due to travel restrictions, she started filming from home to still connect with her fans and viewers. Even though the filming was not as clean as it would be with FoodNetwork, it presented itself as an opportunity to further the messaging she has built for so many years.

And that is exactly it. Through hard work and a clear message, Siba has found roaring success by using her story to connect with people. As a celebrity chef who has had the privilege of cooking for President Cyril Rhamaposa, has written books and had a Harvard study conducted on her method of brand building, she is unequivocally a prime example of what authentic brand building is and what it could mean for the success of your future.

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