20 year veteran of business journalism Bruce Whitfield has watched the trials and tribulations of South Africa’s fastest growing companies and has distilled the lessons of their founders into a brand new talk.

Thriving at the Edge of Chaos.

What has made some companies thrive and others crash and burn?

Are a disproportionate number of SA companies able to box above their weight globally because they come from South Africa or despite the fact that they come from South Africa.

How is it possible to leave a Manchester pub where four beers produced by SABMiller are on sale, to stand on a pavement to see a Bidvest food services truck trundle past only to be marveling at the co-incidence to see a Nando’s logo glistening in the early evening light. That actually happened and is the inspiration for this talk.

The country’s fractious politics is intertwined with sentiment, but those who have succeeded have navigated the noise.

Thriving on the Edge of Chaos tells you how.

It tells you that entrepreneurs and innovators are the answer to South Africa’s difficult problems. It also provides insight into the thinking that has made the start ups of the 1990’s into globally competitive players and how great SA based enterprises were built.

Did you know that Aspen Pharmacare….


I won’t waste that story here.


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