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Ursula Botha helps professionals express their most empowered selves. With a transformative approach to workplace communication, she infuses empathy, confidence, and soft-human skills into her teachings, methods, and tools. Through her impactful sessions, Ursula empowers individuals to reshape how teams, people, and organisations engage with both customers and each other.

Clients say that Ursula helps them make scary moments less scary. Scary moments range from sales pitches, presentations, speaking as a leader to navigating uncomfortable conversations.

Fun fact,  Ursula is a recovering shy child who became an actress in the search of finding her voice.  Now, as a sought-after speaker and trainer, she channels her experiences to inspire others to claim agency in their lives and careers.

Explore Ursula’s  Keynotes

–        Stop Selling. Start Telling.

Key audience: Entrepreneurs, Organisations, Sales Teams

–        The Lost Art of Empathy

              Key audience: Leaders, Teams, Client facing

Explore Ursula’s Courses

–        Speak with Confidence, Competence and Credibility

–        Sales Presentations Mastery

–        Relational Success: Client Experience

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