Increase Influence and Impact by Taking your Public Speaking to the Next Level

The USB Speaker Academy was co-created by a Premier League of Professional Speakers to contribute to the growth of the speaking industry.  With this wealth of knowledge and experience, the USB stable of speakers would like to share their collective wisdom through various training programmes.

Our speakers have also identified the need for Executive speaker training because whilst presenting at business conferences, they were often asked to deliver uplifting keynote presentations to motivate and inspire audiences either before or after company speakers, who through no fault of their own, were perceived to be both boring and bad presenters with a bad habit of presenting ‘Death by PowerPoint’

In addition to this, there will be coaching available for aspiring professional speakers who wish to take their career to the next level and create professional keynote presentations.

In order to become a professional speaker you will need to learn the following;

Section 1: AUDIENCE: Identify & Identifying with Your Audience (“The Customer”)

Section 2: PURPOSE: What’s the Purpose of Your Speech (Begin with the End Goal)

Section 3: CONTENT:

1: How to START Your Presentation

2: What to Include and How to Structure the Content

3: Beating Writer’s Block & ending Your Presentation

4: Getting Feedback & Testing the Presentation Content

Section 4: SLIDE

1: Creating the Slides & Presentation Software Guide

2: Customizing Images & Adding Music

3: Adding Videos/Animation and Other Topics

4: 10 Presentation/Slide Content Case Studies

5: CONFIDENCE: Conquering the Fear of Public Speaking and Presentations


1: Creating the Delivery

2: Body Language

Section 7: PRACTICE: How to Prepare

Section 8: APPEARANCE: What to Wear



Corporate Presentations Skills Workshop by Michael Jackson

As an expert speaker who creates and delivers powerful images and memorable motivational messages, Michael Jackson has carved out an international reputation as one of the best business-to-business speakers on the global conference circuit. He has worked with hundreds of the world’s leading companies and has addressed over 2 700 conferences and seminars across Europe, Africa, Asia, the United States of America and the Middle East. With audiences ranging from factory workers to Heads of State, Michael has the unique ability to hold each audience member in the palm of his hand.

What will you learn at this workshop?

The workshop will provide you with the theory, techniques and activities that are required in order to prepare, create and deliver appropriate, relevant and meaningful business presentations to any audience. During the course you will also:

  1. Watch, deconstruct and understand the hidden content of a professional presentation
  2. Learn to prepare content and materials that work properly
  3. Become comfortable with your own material and presentation style
  4. Understand the nature of any event
  5. Know how to control the room and environment
  6. Gain the ability to read and work every audience
  7. Determine what a speaker is… and isn’t
  8. Be taught when and how to use PowerPoint and other aids
  9. Master timing skills
  10. Benefit from expert tips and guidelines

Michael Jackson is a global conference presenter whose skill in presenting combined with the subtle interplay of messaging personalized to the company and conference guarantees an impactful, enthralling and memorable presentation. His mission is to allow people to truly perform to their potential.

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