USB Social Responsibility – 2018

In 2018, on the 18th July in celebration of Mandela Day Unique Speaker Bureau, The Northern Business Review, The Fourways Community Chamber of Commerce, the Cosmo City Chronicle and Region A Business Forum joined together to host an Entrepreneurship Forum in the heart of the community-Cosmo City.

Some of USB’s top speakers and sponsors spent the morning with young entrepreneurs and business students having live and interactive conversations around business and life. The speakers shared their journey to success, some from humble beginnings just like the individuals in the audience.

These questions kick started the exciting new featured Coaching Column in the Northern Business Review where businesses are invited to submit their questions, which will be submitted to our panel of industry experts for their input on a monthly basis. As we celebrated the birth and legacy of a great leader we hope that the work done will remind us all that:

“Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do ”


USB Social Responsibility – 2017

In 2017, the USB Team visited the Itlhokomeleng Association for the Aged and Disabled in Alexander.

We donated 80 gifts beautifully wrapped which included fleece blankets, socks and a face cloth. We brought them lunch with a variety of different options as well as biscuits for tea.

The overwhelming feeling of gratitude as the one elderly leader in the group expressed love and appreciation on behalf of the group was a true and humbling experience for the team.


USB Social Responsibility – 2016

In 2016, we donated over R10,000 worth of products in support of animal welfare. We have managed to give our furry animals in need a blessed and lovely Christmas / festive season.

We hope that you appreciate this initiative as a representation of our gift to you. We are thankful that you are a part of our journey and hope to continue to build on this successful relationship with you in the future.

As the Hindu’s say:
Serva sairv se pahale kisee aur ko vahaan ke lie sairv

(serve the unspoken before serve to anyone else)

USB Social Responsibility – 2015

The last few years have been a phenomenal journey of growth and new experiences for Unique Speaker Bureau and we would like to thank you for the invaluable role you’ve played in our success. To our clients and speakers, our appreciation for your continued support, we sought a Christmas gift to express our gratitude.

In 2015 we donated a jungle gym to foundation level pupils at Sandton View Combined School. No words can express the contagious delight of the little ones as they munched around 300 cupcakes in celebration of their gift. Resources are a challenge for this Government School and educators and children are forced to make do with the little they have.

Playing outside is not just about letting off steam. It also provides an important opportunity for children to learn and develop. When children play they learn to empathise with others, communicate, share and collaborate as they master new skills.

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